Explore teaching and learning with interactive eTexts


The University of Arizona is excited to offer UA faculty and students the opportunity to participate in the eContent pilot project. The project provides the opportunity to explore and evaluate the transition from traditional media models to collaborative electronic platforms.

The Courseload software platform was chosen for the pilot project because it supports eText from all publishers and integrates with existing UA Learning Management Systems.  Courseload also offers numerous interactive features:

  • Annotation
  • Highlighting
  • Integration of additional readings and links
  • Search capability
  • Q&A between student and instructor
  • Note sharing
  • Page printing

Fall 2013 Pilot

The UA’s Fall 2013 eContent Pilot was part of the nationwide EDUCAUSE and Internet2 E-content Pilot Series. This annual multi-institutional venture is designed to evaluate technologies and business models in the fast-evolving migration from traditional textbooks to eTexts and digital learning resources.

The UA opted to participate in Package A2 (Educause/Internet2 E-Content Prospectus) of the Internet2/EDUCAUSE pilot, which encompassed up to 400 students, 10 sections, and about 5,000 textbook titles from participating publishers.

As some participating faculty used textbooks that fell outside this list of 5,000 titles, the UA also contracted separately with Courseload to provide access to these additional titles. 

The pilot launched in the Fall 2013 semester with a small test group of eight courses. Student enrollment in the participating courses was 433. All students enrolled in participating courses received free access to the eText.

Fall 2013 Pilot Courses

Instructor Name Subject Catalog Section Course Name Final Enrollment
Mary Beth Haralovich FTV 100-A 1 Film and Television


Bill Neumann MIS 111 Honors Computers and the Internetworked Society 74
Leslie Eidenburg Acct 310 1 Intermediate Cost Accounting 35
Leslie Eidenburg Acct 310 2 Intermediate Cost Accounting 30
Andrew Grall CHEM 325 1 Analytical Chemistry 66
Robit Thomas Math 425-A 1 Real Analysis of One Variable 27
Joceline Lega Math 425-A 2 Real Analysis of One Variable 31
Joe Valacich MIS 541 1 Information Systems Analysis & Design 90

Spring 2014 Pilot

The Spring 2014 pilot is also being conducted on Courseload and is testing the use of free-of-charge open educational resources and content provided by the University Libraries, such as journal articles and book chapters. This semester’s pilot has 5 faculty and 275 student participants in 8 course sections.

Spring 2014 Pilot Courses

Instructor Name Subject Catalog Section Course Name Final Enrollment
Brigitta Lee EAS 160A3 1 Chinese Civilization 174
Ladd Keith SBE 202 1 Professional Communication & Presentation 30
Laura Lunsford PSYV 313 1 Community Psychology 4
Laura Lunsford PSYV 313 2 Community Psychology 1
Laura Lunsford PSYV 313 3 Community Psychology 1
Laura Lunsford PSYV 313 4 Community Psychology 1
Anna O'Leary MAS 317 1 Latin American Immigration 33
Iris Patten GIST 601 Outreach Intro to Geographic Info System Technology 31