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Courseload enables instructors to aggregate content not only from publishers but also from open source and self-generated materials. This allows instructors to, in effect, create their own “custom” textbooks developed from multiple sources. If an instructor teaches the same course in a future term, and if publisher content is the same edition used previously, the customized course content can be copied from one term to the next so they don’t have to start from scratch. Courseload also provides analytics to help monitor student engagement with the eContent.

Maximize Your Experience

Instructor and student engagement is key to fully leveraging the capabilities and benefits of eTexts. According to a recent economic analysis of the eText market by Dr. James Koch, faculty members who use the functions and capabilities of e-books help students to have a more positive  experiece with e-books.

To maximize your instructor experience with eText, we recommend that you utilize the following features:

  • Annotate resources to highlight important points, share your thoughts, and give assignments: Take Notes
  • Monitor how much the students are reading and engaging with the electronic resources: Use Stats

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Instructor Training Videos

Download a complete selection of instructor training videos that will provide "how-tos" for many of the functions instructors will perform in Courseload. Each training video is available with or without closed captioning.