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  • Offline Application Replacement Will Occur October 24

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013
    The offline reading capability, which was disabled with the Courseload Offline Application on August 26, is being reintroduced on October 24 as part of Courseload for Chrome. What Is the Cause As described in the technical bulletin entitled Offline Application Disabled, a new browser version released this summer introduced a defect that affected the Courseload Offline Application. The defect came with a severe risk of data loss, so we disabled the Offline Application until it could be corrected or we could provide an alternate method of reading offline. Courseload for Chrome does allow for off...Read More
  • Courseload Offline Application Disabled

    Monday, August 26, 2013
    The Courseload Offline Application, which allows you to download course content to read and take notes on while offline, is being temporarily disabled. What Is the Cause The Courseload Offline Application is a browser-based application that runs within Google Chrome. During the months of June and July, Chrome 28 was released. This release introduced a defect in the way that applications like the Courseload Offline Application store information locally on your computer. Previously, Courseload could store an unlimited amount of information and was not affected by other applications. Now that the...Read More