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Project Team

  • Michael Brewer

    Librarian, Team Leader for Instructional Services (University Libraries)
  • Cheryl Cuillier

    Assistant Librarian (University Libraries)
  • Leslie Eldenburg

    Professor (Eller - Accounting) – Virtual Faculty Participant
  • Frank Farias

    Associate Vice President (Student Affairs)
  • Frank Feagans

    Senior Director, Enterprise Applications (UITS)
  • Mark Felix

    Director, Instructional Services (OIA)
  • Mary Ellen Flynn

    Project Manager (UITS)
  • Garry Forger

    Officer, Development-Grants Management (OIA)
  • Jeremy Frumkin

    Assistant Dean, Technology Strategy (University Libraries)
  • Cynthia Hawk

    Assistant Director, UA Bookstores (Bookstore)
  • Jason Masciantoni

    Principal Business Analyst, Enterprise Applications (UITS)
  • William Neumann

    Senior Lecturer, MIS (Eller - MIS)
  • Valeria Pietz

    Instructional Designer (Eller)
  • Lynda Roxburgh-Kelly

    Buyer, UA Bookstores (Bookstore)
  • Lori Shinn

    Director, Enterprise Applications Core Services (UITS)
  • Debby Shively

    Director, UA Bookstores (Bookstore)
  • Kay Stevens Beasock

    Director, Communications-Marketing (CIO)
  • Joe Valacich

    Professor, MIS (Eller - MIS)
  • Jean Vock

    Assistant Dean Finance and Administration (Eller)