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Students in participating classes receive free access to eText, saving them from having to purchase a textbook. By using Courseload, students are able to easily access course materials on any computer or mobile device, creating a rich, interactive environment, and lightening the student’s load. Courseload also offers a variety of interactive features and opportunities for collaboration. Previous users of Courseload said they especially appreciated the instructor annotations, search function, and portability of an eText.

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Maximize Your Experience

To fully maximize your experience using eText, we recommend that you try the following features:

  • Navigate the online resources, find your instructor's notes, and search for related information: Read your Homework
  • Highlight important topics, make annotations, ask questions, and share your thoughts: Take Notes
  • Create a list of frequently used pages in your eTextbook: Bookmark Pages
  • Find information in your online materials, in your notes, and on the Internet: Search
  • Print course materials using your own printer or order a print-on-demand version: Print Content

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Student Training Videos

Download a complete selection of student training videos that will provide "how-tos" for many of the functions students will perform in Courseload. Each training video is available with or without closed captioning.